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2 In 1 Easy-Style Razor Comb

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The 2 IN 1 Easy-Style Razor Comb is an easy to use home hair styling tool that restores your messy hair. It is great for self-haircut beginners to get a natural and stylish haircut for shortening, shaping, thinning, and layering etc. 
The razor comb is made of a high-quality blade that makes the perfect and sharp cut. It works well on fixing split ends or frizzy hair and enhances healthy hair growth. You can have a refreshing layered and light hairstyle. The razor comb is applicable to all hair types. Let's get it now!     
  • Easy For Beginners: It is easy to control and switch to comb or razor easily with the 2 in 1 design. This is great for home-haircut or self-haircut beginners. 
  • Trim Out Frizzy Hair: The razor comb can trim out messy split ends and restore the hair beauty in a quick way. 
  • Natural Layered Style: The razor has a special blade design that gives you a natural cut. It removes the hair weight little by little to create a stunning layering effect. You won't lose a strand of hair if you have a heavy cut.
  • Air Bangs Cut: By thinning the hair, you can have a light air bang in the summer. 
  • Quality Blade: It is made of a high-quality blade that gives you a perfect and sharp cut.
  • For All Hair Types: No matter you have short or long hair, the razor comb is great for all kinds of hair types.
  • Material: Blade / Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 19cm X 4.5cm
  • 1 x Razor Comb