All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow
All Round Deep Sleep Pillow

All Round Deep Sleep Pillow

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AirBall Pillow - The Most Relaxing Sleep Of Your Life 😌

✅    3D Ergonomic design that keeps your neck aligned while your sleep, which means no more neck pain in the morning.

✅    Promotes a good sleep posture, which means less slouching and reduced back pain during the day.

✅    Perfect for any sleeping position, including back, side or front sleepers.

✅    Filled with over 8 million micro airballs, which gives it a plush and comfy, yet support structure that will keep cool throughout the night.

✅    Skin friendly and machine washable pillowcase, which means it is perfect for sensitive skin, and always easy to keep clean.

✅    Helps reduce snoring by aligning the body and keeping airways open, which means you will no longer keep your husband or wife awake all night.

"The airball pillow is so incredibly comfortable! It feels like you are sleeping on air, and the airballs inside also make it really supportive for my neck"

- L.P.  

micro airball pillow

Filled with 8,000,000 Micro AirBalls for Incredible Comfort

Each micro airball pillow is filled with 8,000,000 air balls which mould and support your head while you sleep. Lying on the AirBall Pillow almost feels like lying on air!

Each micro airball has a high-density with a low-elasticity, which helps the pillow provide comfortable support while also absorbing small movements that may disturb your sleep. The space between the airballs also allows soothing airflow, keeping your pillow cool throughout the night.

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Perfect For Any Sleeping Position

The ProvenPedic memory foam orthopedic pillow is the right pillow for a variety of sleeping positions and any body shape. But we typically recommend you try the pillow on your back first as lying on your back best promotes a proper body alignment and healthy spinal alignment. If you cannot sleep on your back however you can also use this contour pillow for side sleeping or stomach sleeping.

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Help Alleviate Neck Pain

A good sleep posture is incredible important to maintain your neck, back and shoulder health. If you have ever woken up in the morning with a stiff neck, shoulder pain or back pain, chances are you have suffered from poor sleep posture.

The ProvenPedic™ AirBall Pillow has a unique 3D ergonomic design, and the micro airballs inside do an incredible job at supporting the neck while you sleep. If you have ever suffered from neck pain, then this unique pillow is definitely worth a try!

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⚪   The Bottom Curves of the micro airball pillow are designed to support the natural 'C' curvature of your spine.

⚪   The Top Dent in the center of the micro airball pillow comfortably wraps around your head while you sleep.

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Universal Size

Universal size for men and women of any age.

micro air balls

Comfortable for Sensitive Skin

This amazing neck pillow also comes with a removable, skin-friendly pillow case that is perfect for sensitive skin.

best pillow for arthritic neck

Not Just Great for Bed

The AirBall Pillow is not only great for bed, but also great on the couch, sofa, or even for sleeping at your desk. So say goodbye to your old uncomfortable pillow, and hello to the ProvenPedic™ AirBall Pillow.

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The AirBall Pillow is fully machine washable (both the pillow itself and the pillow case). So go ahead and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

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