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Alphabet and Number Shapes Mini Baking Stamp

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Add a Tactful Flavor to your Daily Life!

It’s no secret the world is obsessed with baking. Besides, it is not enough to simply bake a cake or make some delicious pastry; they need a little extra! An excellent idea is this Mini Baking Alphabet Mold.  They help you achieve exciting designs with your cookies and pastries in general. Useful if you want to sell your cakes commercially or just for yourself and a couple of friends.

The alphabet cookie stamp comes with all the letters in the alphabet and the first ten numbers. It is uniquely suited for cookies, fondant cakes, sugar paste, petal paste, cake decorations, and marzipan. It could be all you need to give warmth to your creations.

The stamp is intricately designed to create some of the most appealing pastries. The lovely different letters decorate your life and make your pastry wonderful. It will enable you truly explore your creativity while making pastry. 


Wonderful Food Decoration:
This set is a festive little device that helps you design cookies that are sure to put a smile on the face. The designs are awesome and the kids will definitely love them.

Safe and Easy to Clean:
The product is made of Bisphenol A-free food-grade material which is sturdy and durable. Unbreakable with no sharp edges, it is safe for your hands. Just wash the stamp with hot water and then air dry for unlimited use. Kids love using them because they're fun to use, unbreakable, and with no sharp edges.

Learning While Baking:
Comes in a set of 26 alphabet cutters from A through Z and 10 Arabic numbers. You can make creative cookies to the letter and teach your kids counting, addition, subtraction, and read the alphabet letters.

Not just for cake or cookies, it can also be a DIY maker for fondant cake, biscuit, petal paste, sugar paste, fruit, and so on. Don’t limit your imagination. These tools will make you enjoy baking and help you make great personalized gifts. The options are varied, and the possibilities are endless.

Easy Grip Handle:
It features an easy-grip handle that is comfortable to use and effective in whatever application it is deployed to. 

How to Use:

Roll your sugar paste out to a thickness of 2-3mm on a firm, flat surface.
Hold the outside of the cutter down through the sugar paste until it cuts through the paste and touches the surface below. Twist the cutter gently from side to side. This will ensure you have a really clean cut.
Press the top of the cutter down to add the embossed line.
Lift the cutter 5cm above the surface and press the top to eject the number.
Technical Specification

Color: White and Sky blue
Dimensions: 4. X 0.4 x 6.6 inches
Weight: 9.07 grams
Package Includes: 1 x Alphabet and Number Shapes Mini Baking Stamp