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Aluminium Fast Defrosting Tray

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Hottest tool for modern family kitchen: Quick thawing and keep food fresh, this plate can fully meet the demands for fresh food and efficient cooking of every hostess.

Main Feature:

Thawing frozen food more quickly and healthy:

It is made of a special alloy used in aerospace and comes with high precise coating on its surface. Its thermal conductivity is several times superior to that of ordinary metal.

It can defrost the frozen food in a natural and quick way, which keeping food fresh, retaining nutrition and good taste. Its energy-saving, no electricity required..

Made of Non-toxic recyclable materials, which is safe to human body.

Easy to take: suitable for outdoor camping barbecue.

Easy to clean: Dense surface of the plate prevent oil, anti-fouling effectively, just need a small amount of water to clean

Environmental-friendly: The plate can be repeatedly used, recyclable and eco-friendly. As long as we do not use it like cutting board or use sharp material to clean the plate, which may cause damage to the plate or affect thawing effect.


Material: Food grade aluminum

Color: black

Size: 23 * 16.5 * 0.2cm; 29 * 20.5 * 0.2cm; 35 * 20.5 * 0.2cm

Package include:

1 * fast defrosting tray