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Retractable Car Windshield Sun Shade Cove

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Keep's everyone cool and comfortable inside the car especially your kids and pets!

Looking for a way to save your car's interior and keep it nice and cool during the scorching heated days? Our exclusive car sunshade was designed to fully cover the front windshield and leave no gaps for the rays to come through and heat things up.


Created with a reflective aluminum film, this car window shade seamlessly attaches onto the corner of the front mirror and opens and closes with the handle. Not only does this windshield sun shade perfectly fit majority of the cars (different sizes are available), but it is also extremely easy to store and take up little space.

Best part of all, once installed, using the car windshield sun shade is as simple as sliding it to cover the windshield up and closing it when ready to leave. Simple, efficient, and quick!



  • FULL PROTECTION - Along with providing just the right amount of protection to keep the insides of your car cool, this windshield shade also prevents the heat from damaging the car seats or other accessories.
  • EASY SETUP - Setting up the X is as simple as attaching the car sun shield via the suction cups provided onto the corners of the windshield. They can be permanently attached on the sides because they do not interfere with the view in any way.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Simply put, this car sun blocker was built to last. The aluminum film ensures optimal coverage at all times and does not get damaged in any way no matter how hot the sun is.

Protects your car's upholstery and leather from peeling and fading!


Types: 46CM/65CM/70CM

Material: Encrypted polyester fabric with aluminum film, aluminum alloy


 1x Windshield Cover For Sun