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Clear Helmet Anti-Fog Rainproof Film

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Eliminates Fog And Fits All Helmet Visors!


Always have a bad vision on rainy days? The fog produced by breathing always blurs the vision? A full-frame universal helmet rainproof anti-fog patch could give you a clear sight all the way. Make your ride safer.

The anti-fog film makes riding easier and reduces eye fatigue. It has the functions of shading and protecting the eyes and resisting ultraviolet radiation.

Main Features:

Clear Sight – Helmet visor inserts with anti-fog coating, which creates an effectively clear sight and provides a better view on a rainy or foggy day, protect your driving safety.

Long-Lasting Effect – Rainproof and anti-fog film is made of special PET material, and it has an anti-fog function when it is made. Lasting rainproof and anti-fog for years.

Universal Accessories – Suitable for most helmets, such as full helmets, half helmets, and open helmets.


Weight: 80G

Material: PET

Style: Anti-fog/Anti-rain

Package Includes:

Rainproof Anti-fog Helmet Patch × 1