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Dancing Garden Flamingo

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Are you looking for an original outdoor decoration that will impress your guests?

Add a welcoming touch to your garden or sidewalk with a beautifully designed flamingo. The bird creates a warm, inviting atmosphere during the day. It is also the perfect housewarming, birthday, or anniversary gift for friends or family.

✔️ Living decoration: Calming and engaging movements, it is the decoration that brings your garden to life!

✔️ High-quality materials: Made of durable material for long service life.

✔️ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: you can use it indoors and outdoor. This decorative piece creates a tropical atmosphere that brings positive energy in and around your home.

✔️ Total installed height: 68 cm

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In Package:

1 x Playful Garden Flamingo


Installation manual

1 - Take the plastic accessories out from the accessory bag and place them on the iron rod;

2 - Stick double-sided stickers to plastic parts;

3 - Place the pasted plastic part on the base of the flamingo's neck and press it firmly;

4 - Fold the neck in half and bend it to the style in the picture;

5 - Finally, insert the rod into the plastic groove at the neck.