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Electric Fly Catcher

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Do not ever kill the flies that haunt your house, with this Fly Cather, just catch them easly and give them life outside your home.

Electric Fly Trap – Daily Shopping Deals

This unique fly trap lures houseflies in with that sweet, sweet nectar, and then has a rotating arm that scoops them up to their ever-demise!


  • USB cable, safe and convenient.
  • Can be reused, high- cost performance.
  • Physical fly traps, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • High efficiency capture.
  • You can try honey or sugar power, any liquid or power shape that can lure flies will be suitable as the bait.
  • It will run very slow otherwise the flies will be scare and fly away.


Material: Plastic

Voltage: DC 5-10V

Frequency: 55/65HZ

Product size: 23*8CM

Package included:

1 x Fly Trap Device

1 x USB Cable Without Plug