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Electric Rechargeable Cordless Drill

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1. 21V detachable lithium battery, durable and reliable. And the smart charging can be quickly charged and discharged for long-lasting life.

2. 2 Adjustable Speed & Reversible: This drill features a 2-speed setting, delivers optimal performance. with a trigger that allows controlling your own drilling speed which perfects for what you are setting up for. An extra press switch allows you to either forward or reversely based on your purposes.

3. 25+3 torque adjustment to meet the needs of different situations of torque.



4. Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, charge, and discharge protection.

5. Bright LED light enables high performance in low-light settings.


6. Ergonomics Design: Lightweight and small size make this drill easy to handle. Ideal for most household jobs, such as drilling and screw driving tasks into wood, metal, plastic, and more. Anti-slip soft silicone handle provides extra comfort and makes it hand in tight.



Color: Yellow
Maximum Torque: 25NM
Voltage: 110-240V
Battery: 12V/16.8V/21V
Rated Speed: 1400 (rpm)

Package includes

1 x Electric Drill
1 x Charger
1 or 2 x Battery (Optional)
1 x Instruction manual
15 X Drill accessories
1 X Spirit level
1 X International 3M ruler
1 X Telescopic tool
1 X Packing suitcase

To reduce the risk of injury, wear safety goggles or glasses with side shields.