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Fabric Garden Planting Bed

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Creating a perfect soil environment for EFFICIENT, HEALTHY plant growth🌻
Fabric Garden Planting Bed is a non-woven fabric container designed for planting with foldable feature. Just unfold, fill and grow, and it's definitely the easiest way to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits and any plants!
This porous, breathable fabric helps air pruning roots - it forces plants to grow more young vigorous root tips instead of relying on dominant root. This results in bigger, healthier plants. 
Comparing with traditional pots, non-woven fabric promotes faster plant growth through better aeration, while providing water drainage to prevent overwatering 


  • Easy to Setup
    Just unfold, fill and grow. It is definitely the easiest way to grow vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits.

  • High quality Fabric
    Made of breathable non-woven fabric to promote faster plant growth through better aeration while providing water drainage to prevent overwatering. Durable, wear-resistant and reusable for years.
  • Air Pruning Roots
    Air pruning allows plants to use up all space inside the container to grow more young vigorous root tips instead of relying on dominant root. This results in bigger, healthier plants with a higher % survival rate and more uniform root system.

  • Stimulates Beneficial Soil Microbes
    Porous, non-woven fabric provides essential oxygen allowing plant roots and beneficial soil microbes to breathe for healthier plant growth. 
  • Foldable Design
    No need to buy bulky garden pots and containers cluttering up your yard. When the growing season is over, simply fold the fabric bag and pack it away.

  • Plant your Favourites!
    Suitable even for deep rooted vegetablessuch as carrots, onions, swedes, cauliflowers, parsnips, broccoli and more.

  • Responds to Climate Conditions
    Release excess heat to protect plant roots in hot weather. Non-woven fabric traps adequate heat and warms quickly in cold weather
  • Convenient Handles
    Designed with 2 handles for easy moving. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor planting.


  • Material: Non-woven fabric 
  • Size: 40 x 30 x 20cm
  • Color: Black


  • 1 x Fabric Garden Planting Bed