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Laser Aiming Slingshot Outdoor Sports

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You know that feeling when you can't hit a target?

Our Laser Slingshot is one of 2021’s coolest gadgets. Whether you’re shooting targets, hunting, or making awesome videos, our slingshots are guaranteed to perform and impress.


Fast Slingshot Set: All the things can be stored and carried in one pouch. Not only the outdoor slingshot for practice and fun, but also perfect self-defense tool to against stranger. You can use anything as long as it’s suitable for the pocket to chase away feral cats, squirrels without hurting them.

Little And Powerful: Made of high quality & high strength durable polycarbon. Recurve design offer easier and comfort to hold. All design for the teens and beginners. The slingshot head is smooth and does not damage the rubber band.

Accurate Shooting: Outdoors slingshot professional slingshot with aiming points, great to long distance observation of 32-164 ft (10~50 m), you can adjust the aiming point according to the target to improve accuracy. New style sight with lever fits more in the day and the laser sight help you shoot in the night. Two kinds to sight can be install in the left or right according to you habit and favor.

Wide Application: It can not only be used for shooting steel balls, but also anything can be loaded in the pocket! Used for outdoor competition and fitness catapult, Hunting Fishing, Exercise, Game competition also for boutique collection. It is also a suitable tool to defeat yourself from Beast attack or drive away annoying animals.


Material: Resin polycarbon

Height: 114 mm,

Thickness: 20 mm.

The width of head of slingshot: 20 mm.

Weight: about 110 g/0.24 Lb

Package: 1 set of Laser Aiming Slingshot