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Leather Drilling Tools

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A small part inconvenient for hammer tapping can be competent.


Using the pressure of the handle, the thread groove at the connecting rod rotates counterclockwise and drives the punch to rotate to cut the round hole. Compared with the general impulse noise, it will not affect the neighbors.
When you press the handle, the spring-like mechanism on the shaft tightens the perforated tube to any material you want to use, which is clean and smooth.Belt hole puncher is perfect design: automatic punching without hammering.This Automatic belt punch is very easy to use and a nice device for you to operate.

-Leather punch can be used in conjunction with the cutting mat, the blade can be used for a long time. Don't hammer
-Compared with ordinary punching machine, belt hole puncher's noise is lower. It's quieter
-Screw hole punch is a new design of rotating action, easy to operate and environment friendly
-The Automatic belt punch allows you to punch holes of various sizes where you need them
-Screw hole punch is very suitable for sewing leather crafts, paper, cutting rubber, plastic, etc     

Specifications: equipped with 6 punches, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm (the punches can be replaced)

Color: As Shown.
Material: Wood,Copper.
Size: 5.1x1inch.

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1*Screw Hole Punch