Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner
Mini USB Air Conditioner

Mini USB Air Conditioner

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Instant cooling system

This mini air cooler device includes a built in fan that will capture the hot air and transform it into fresh air with its cold water filter. Operating system is easy with little set up. Only fill the water tank with cold water and small ice cubes, connect the device to USB port and turn on the ON/OFF button. With fully loaded water tank the device can produce fresh air up to 8 hours. You can at any time add more ice cube or cold water if needed.

Mini air conditioner USB - Instant cooling system - Ozayti
Portable air cooler

Specially designed to carry it easily within your house, in the garden or while travelling you will be able to remain in a cool area everywhere. Small and compact (only 17cm x 17cm) you can put it in a bag, backpack, luggage when you go on a trip or for holidays.

Mini air conditioner USB - Portable air cooler - Ozayti
USB connection

In order to use it with ease the mini air conditioner is powered by USB. Thus, you can connect it to any device with USB port such as your laptop, computer, power bank, TV, or with classic socket adaptor. You will be able to place it in any room of your house, or bring it at the office or when travelling.

Mini air conditioner USB - USB connection - Ozayti
3 fan speeds

Designed with 3 fan speeds (Low, Medium and high) you can adjust the air flow according to your needs, your room space and the temperature by a simple pressure on the speed button. You can also adjust the lighting between 7 available colours to add stylish atmosphere to the room ( Blue, yellow, pink, red, green, light blue and turquoise).

Mini air conditioner USB - 3 fan speeds - Ozayti
Ecological system

Keep your bill low and avoid using your traditional AC during all summer. Classic air conditioner use lot of electricity to work. Instead this small air cooler unit only use cold water, ice and same energy as your phone while charging. This eco-friendly device reduce your electricity consumption while producing pure and fresh air.

Mini air conditioner USB - Ecological system - Ozayti

To prevent water leaking we highly recommend to check the position of the filter before use and to keep the device on a flat surface. Keep the water tank empty when moving the device.

In order to keep the air fresh and purified week after week, consider regularly changing the filter of your mini portable air conditioner.

We also recommend to change filter every month for regular use in order to maintain high quality and purified air flow.
Technical characteristics :
  • Dimensions : 17cm x 17cm x 17cm
  • Material : ABS waterproof plastic
  • Removable filter : YES
  • Power : 220v
  • Connection : USB
    Mini air conditioner USB - Dimensions - Ozayti

    Package Included:

    • 1x mini Air conditioner
    • 1x Filter
    • 1x USB cable
    Mini air conditioner USB - Package - Ozayti