Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar
Neck Support Collar

Neck Support Collar

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Relieve Neck Pain & Improve Posture With Our Next Generation Neck Brace

The Neck Support Collar is a groundbreaking new design that offers more than a traditional neck brace. It is slim, robust, discreet, and stylish.

The Neck Support Collar brace is a great-looking cervical collar providing superior head support for those with conditions with weak neck muscles or difficulty controlling the head.

It's been designed to be the lightest and most discreet non-constricting neck support brace on the market today.


  • Relieves neck and upper back pain

  • Perfect solution for Drop Head Syndrome

  • Ideal for ALS, MS, Arthritis, Motoneuron Disease, and more.

  • Provides instant support by lifting weight from the neck

  • Prevents tilted forward head and text neck

  • Trains the neck for correct head alignment

  • The most discreet neck brace on the market

  • Cool, comfortable head support with low heat retention

  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable

  • Easy to use with an adjustable velcro strap that fastens in seconds

  • Easy to put on and remove

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Improved breathing and swallowing by opening the trachea and esophagus

Revolutionary Design

The Neck Support Collar has been specifically designed to provide all the support of a traditional neck brace, with added comfort.

Neck Support Collar helps to relieve pain in your neck and upper back by taking the weight of your head off your neck and shoulders and giving any damaged soft tissue and aching muscles the time they need to recover.

Having a poor posture can lead to:
  • Fragile spine and prone to injury

  • Neck, Shoulder, and back pain

  • Decreased joint flexibility and mobility

  • Imbalance and increased risk of falling

  • Problems with digestion

  • Difficulty to breath

Neck Support Collar helps to improve posture by correctly aligning your head with your neck and maintaining the perfect posture.

Neck Support Collar is designed to effectively relieve the pressure from the cervical spine, letting the entire spine restore a healthy natural and physiological curve.

Moulded For The Most Comfortable Fit Possible

The Flexi-core spokes have been specifically designed to be lightly molded to tighten or loosen the neck brace for the perfect fit.

Lightweight, Portable & Functional

The brace's structure is designed to feel cooler and less constricting than other standard neck supports.

Premium Quality

Made with premium quality durable materials with a fully adjustable, skin-friendly strap and an easy-to-use velcro fastener, including cushioned top-grade silicone padding on the chin area.

Low Profile & Discreet

CERVIOCARE™ Neck Brace was made specifically to be super discreet. It is practically invisible when worn under the clothes. And due to the hypoallergenic, breathable material, you can wear it for hours without even feeling it's there.

The only thing you will notice is that your neck posture has improved and you feel more supported while doing everyday tasks.

How To Use
  • Adjust the chin support downward close to the chest brace.

  • Open the straps, place the device gently between your chin and chest.

  • Tighten the straps comfortably behind your neck.

  • To adjust the chin support down, you need to hold the device with one hand. Pull the chin support upward from the middle position with another hand, hold it and pull downward. 

  • To adjust the chin support up, you only need gently push the chin support upward.

  • 1x Neck Support Collar
  • 1x Users Manual