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Oil Brush Bottle

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Great Helper For Your Kitchen Life!

Want to grill at home without the fuss and mess? Try this silicone soft oil brush for your home cooking and grilling. You don’t have to buy expensive tools just to eat delicious barbecue or grill fish on the weekend. This is the perfect tool for you Imagine the oil mess with just the regular brush. Using our oil brush makes your kitchen clean. The perfect tool for your kitchen needs- pastry and baking too Proven safe to use Food grade silicone that’s certified for home use.


Remember when you were doing the finishing touches to your sweet delicious egg tarts? Instead of lightly brushing the oven rack with oil, you accidentally spilled the whole bottle into it. 

When you had to wipe the cooking pan twice because you added too much butter, and every time you tried to balance it, the tissue would just suck it all. The rant of these argh cooking and baking memories can go forever! Transform your furious kitchen experience into a happy time with this silicone oil brush bottle.

Material: Silica gel
Color: blue, green, orange, red
SIZE: 11.3*5cm

Package Included:
1 x Silicone brush