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Outdoor Sports Reflective Safety Belt LED Luminous Light

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USB Charging Led Luminous Night Running Armband Bracelet

The Light Up Blue LED Armbands for Night Safety are amazing for you bike lovers out there. Made for style and safety, the lone runner or bicyclist can feel safe on a dark road because not only does it shine, but it flashes slow and fast as well. It's perfect for health and safety conventions, bicycling enthusiast groups, marathons, triathlons, bike messaging companies and anything else you can possibly imagine.


  • ELASTIC ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Increased elasticity design, with greater elasticity than normal LED armband, adjustable from 28.5-41cm. Unisex, you can wear it on your wrists, ankles, arms and legs, or tie it to a bicycle or helmet, whatever you want. If children use it, they can hang it on their schoolbags.
  • UPGRADED RECHARGEABLE DESIGN: Except the ensure the led armband works well, running reflectors improve the battery in rechargeable design.1 hours charging, 5-8 hours working. Compare with the general LED armband, it shortens the charging time, extends the working time, is more convenient and saves money.
  • MULTIPLE MODES: Fast flashing, slow flashing, steady light and off. A variety of visual effect mode changes are realized by adjusting the buttons, making your outdoor activities safer.
  • KEEP PROTENTIAL DANGER AWAY-LED: Our armband can improve your visibility and safety in outdoor activities. Widely used for rain, fog, dark, cloudy, night and other low visibility conditions, LED armband is suitable for all your activities, such as: walking, running, walking the dog, cycling, hiking, camping, bar, party and so on.