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Oval Tart Ring Pastry Mold

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Everyone can make tasty, delicate tarts using this Oval Tart Pastry Mold! Features a oval shaped construction with smooth edges, it shapes dough into a perfect oval form while baking.
Save your time of shaping baked goodies! Non-stick surface makes it easy to release without using greasing oil. Durably made and high-temperature resistant, suitable for use in oven, microwave, dishwasher and more.


  • Make Tarts Like A Pro!
    Easily make yummy pastries in perfect oval form at home! Perfect for beginners, it helps to shape dough and fillings with no hassle.
  • Non-Stick, Easy to Release
  • Customise Any Fillings
    Easily fill custard cream, chocolate mousse, fruits, ice cream, delicious pizza toppings or anything you like!
  • Multiple Use
    Widely applicable for making eclairs, egg tarts, mousse cakes,  chocolates, cheese cakes, mini bun, biscuits and more.
  • Smart Design
    Ideal to use it as an oval shape cutter or a pastry mold.
  • Durably Made
    Made with sturdy materials for long-term use. Heat-resistant and anti-rust.


  • Materials: Food-Grade Plastic
  • Size: 2.8x9.4cm


  • 2 pcs x Oval Tart Ring Pastry Mold