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Perforated Silicone Baking Mat Non-Stick Oven Sheet Liner

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New Silicone Perforated Baking Mat Non-Stick baking Oven sheet liner for Cookie /Bread/ Macaroon

Product Description

The non-stick mat has a perforated texture, covered with food grade silicone. Since dough contains about 60-80% water, the  perforated
texture allows the water to seep through the mat, leaving a perfect crusty finish. Use for your homemade biscuits, pizza, and bread!
It is effective for freezing, proofing, and baking for all dough types as well as ideal for the par-baking of tarts. The mat must be used
flat and placed on a tray preferably perforated for a better circulation of the heat. To clean the mat, use a soft sponge under running water.

Product Features

Non-stick mat has perforated texture, covered with food grade silicone

Effective for freezing or baking bread of all shapes as sizes

Must be used flat and placed on a tray

Easy to clean--use a soft sponge under hot water


Size: 40 X 30CM (15.8" x 11.9")

High Temperuture Non Stick Baking Mat

Can be use over 2500 times, Durable!