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2 in 1 Dog Bath and Grooming Comb

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A gentle massage that can stimulate the pet’s skin to produce natural oils so his skin is kept smooth and shiny.

This pet shampoo dispenser grooming brush can provide a quick and thorough washing of your pets’ coat as well as massage their skin to improve blood circulation. This brush can use for bath and grooming. Help remove dirt, mud, and loose hair from your cat's or dogs’ fur and paws and makes it fresh and clean. Can de-shedding, massaging, exfoliating, relaxing, all in one multi-function that make your pet enjoy bathing.


Soft & Safe for Pet Use: The blunt silicone bristles of this pet brush are soft and non-toxic, ensuring that your pets’ skin will not be scratched or harmed in any way. At the same time, the bristles are also tightly packed together to remove loose hair and dead fur from your pet during the wash.

Convenient and Easy for Use: With this brush, you will no longer have to clumsily struggle with opening a shampoo bottle with your wet hands. It squirts out shampoo at the press of a button. Simply dilute the pet shampoo beforehand and pour it into the hole of the brush. Then, press the top to dispense shampoo to your pet’s fur coat mid-wash. Not only will this make it more time-efficient, it will also save on shampoo by generating more foam.

ErgonomicThe ergonomic shape contributes to comfort and ease of use, which reduces wrist and hand strain. It’s material is also anti-slip, which will help you calibrate your force well so your pet is always comfortable.

Wide Applications: This pet bath & massage brush can be used for both long or short haired dogs or cats of all sizes.

How to use: Remove plastic cap, pour the pet shower gel in, dilute with water, replace lid and shake. Press button at the back of the brush when you wish to dispense shampoo.


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 11.5*7.5*6 cm/ 4.5*3.0*2.4 in
  • Color: green/ blue
  • Application: PET BATH & GROOMING
  • Material: silicone
  • Function: Brush&Comb

Package includes:

1 * Brush