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Plant Climbing Wall Fixture Clips Invisible Wall Vines Fixing Clips Set

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Great for growing climbing plants and other climbing fruit, flower and vegetable plants.


  • Plant climbing clip: The green leaf-shaped plant clip can help your plants grow in a set direction, and provides a simple and convenient solution to the problem of wall climbing plants or cable confusion.
  • Invisible and non-marking device: The green leaf shape is integrated with the plant leaves, which can well protect the growth of plants. It can be used for indoor or outdoor small and medium-sized plants, such as green dill, creeper, ivy, vegetable stand, etc.
  • High-quality materials: The lovely green leaf-shaped plant clip is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, which is not afraid of rain and exposure, and is equipped with a high-viscosity adhesive to provide plant support and fixation without damaging the plant.
  • High-viscosity adhesive: A leaf-like adhesive that is not easy to fall off. Before use, glue the back to the plant clip. It can be firmly glued to the wall and is visually "invisible" but beautiful.
  • Multifunctional organizer: When the lines and cables are messed up, you can use it to fix the direction of the lines and make the lines neat and interesting.


*Material: plastic

*Color: Green