Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer
Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer

Portable Multi Tools Claw Hammer

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Get yourself out of any tight spot with this super handy pocket knife! It includes a hammer, bottle opener, screwdriver, and more!

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Multi-Functional Pocket Knife

Have you ever been away from your house and needed a screwdriver? Perhaps you were helping an elderly family member but they didn’t have the right tools. Or you might be out and about and get hungry, but you don’t have a knife with you to cut your fruit. Have you ever gone camping and discovered you forgot to pack the hammer for the tent pegs? Or you might have gotten a splinter but didn’t have anything on you to get it out.

These are just some situations where a great multi-tool would come in handy, right? Well, meet the multi-function pocket knife! It’s got 10 different tools rolled into one. You’ll be prepared for any situation you come across where you need tools!

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Folding Design

This pocket knife has a functional design. It looks like a small hammer, but all the tools and knife blades fold neatly into the handle. It’s just 16 cm long, so it’s small and portable. Take it with you wherever you go. Many keep one in their car so they’re prepared for any emergencies. No need for bulky, heavy tool kits! This little treasure has it all.

It’s complete with 3 screwdriver heads, a flathead and two different sized Phillips heads. The mount for the screwdriver heads has a convenient magnet so the heads won’t fall out during use. It also includes several spanner hole sizes to use with bolts.

Multi-Function Pocket Knife - Folding Design -

Made of High-Quality Materials

This pocket knife is made from the best materials. It’s fabricated with stainless steel and lightweight aluminium alloy. You won’t have to worry about breaking it or about knife blades snapping. It should stand up to whatever you put it through! It’s durable and built to last.

Multi-Function Pocket Knife - Made of High-Quality Materials -

Multiple blades

This multi-functional tool has several different blades. One is a sharp, straight knife blade. Use it to peel and cut fruit, whittle, cut kindling, and more. There’s also a file, which you can use for many different things (including filing your nails!).

Of course, the essential bottle opener is also included. And there are some other tools on the other blades. For instance, the spanner holes for different size bolts, as mentioned above. This handy pocket knife would be an ideal camping companion.

Multi-Function Pocket Knife - Multiple blades -

A Handy Multi-Tool

Keep this handy multi-tool around so you’re prepared to deal with any situations that may arise. You could keep one in your car to use as an emergency hammer in case of an accident. Use it for odd jobs while you’re on the go. The hammer also has a claw on the back, which is useful for pulling out nails and other similar jobs. You could easily use it to put furniture together. Great for DIY and home decor jobs, this little pocket knife can do it all!

Multi-Function Pocket Knife - A Handy Multi-Tool -

Specifications :

  • Size: 16 cm x 7.3 cm x 2 cm
  • Material: stainless steel and aluminium alloy
  • Colour: black
    Multi-Function Pocket Knife - Dimensions -

    Package Included :

    1 x multi-function pocket knife hammer

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