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Have you ever been struggling all day to remove ice cubes from your tray?

Now you can remove all the ice cubes in our tray with just one press thanks to its soft silicone bottom and rounded-spike press plate.

Release Ice Cubes within seconds!

This ice mold comes with a large ice box which not only can hold multiple trays to save space in the refrigerator but also contains ice cubes and cans of drink to directly chill it.

The ice cubes are perfect for whiskey, cocktails, smoothie, juices, or other mixed drinks. You can also fill fruits, jelly, baby food, coffee, vegetable puree, yogurt, and chocolate into molds. Rinsed with running water for easy cleaning.

Serve hundred cups of cool beverage


One Second Release All Ice Cubes: Freeze your ice and only need 1 second to release 24pcs ice cubes each time with the press plate and dump into the ice bin for easy access.

Easy to Use: The ice cube tray is designed with flexible and non-stick, which is easy and convenient for you to release the ice cube from this mold quickly.

Food Grade Safe Material: Made of BPA-Free and Premium plastic, our ice cube tray is safe and durable, and reusable.

Stackable and Space Saving design: The tray can stack easily in the icebox, and the lids keep ice cubes from absorbing freezer odors. Note: The lid cannot seal.


  • Type: Ice Cream Tools
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: yellow, blue, pink
  • Material: plastic 

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