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Stackable Food Preservation Tray

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From now on stop using disposable food wrap or plastic bag!

This food preservation tray keeps food fresh by applying creative buckle design toseal & lock tightly without overflowing.

Adopting advanced elastic film, this tray performs excellent resistance to any pressure and puncture to achieve high durability - Able to clean and reuse


  • Keep Food Fresh
    Preserves food and retains its freshness and flavor by applying advanced food preservation film technology.

  • Stackable
    Allows you to stack up multiple overlaying trays to save space effectively.

  • Easy Buckle Design
    Easy to seal tightly and retrieve food.
  • Reusable
    Made of premium elastic film with great resistance to penetration and compression so as to achieve perfect sealing. Replaces disposable plastic bags or food wrap.
  • Ideal For Any Food
    Including raw meat, fish, nuts, breads, fruits, vegetables, cooked meals and more.

  • Suitable for refrigerating cabinets, small refrigerators and other facilities.
  • Dishwasher & Freezer Safe

  • BPA-free & 100% Food Safe


  • Preservation layer material: Advanced elastic film
  • Tray material: environmental protection PP
  • Weight: 200g


  • 1 x Food Preservation Tray