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Starry Galaxy Night Room Projector

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Sleep under the stars tonight. The Starry Sky Night Light is a cute LED lamp and rotary projector in one. Transform any room’s ceiling and walls into a colorful star-filled sky.

Bring the starry, night sky right into your own home with this AWESOME  Starry Projector Lamp! With this baby/child night light projector, you and your kids can enjoy lying under the stars watching the vividly colored, celestial show as they twinkle and swirl around the room. So close you'll want to reach out and touch them!


  • Light projector illuminates your room with stars
  • Can project white light as well as a variety of color combinations 
  • Starry sky projection can stay still or rotate around your walls and ceiling
  • Powered by USB or 3 AA batteries
  • Well manufactured, high quality and durable.