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Sticky Washable Dust Lint Cleaning Brush Roller

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Washable Big Silicone Dust Wiper for Hair Remover

Sticky dust. hair. fabric. and other particles are no match for this lint roller! It catches everything in one easy step. and then simply wash off for a quick clean. One of the best features of this sticky roller is that you can clean it with a simple rinse under the faucet. The tape rollers are made of tough cartons and in white color. It has high quality and durable in use. It is suitable for cleaning or collecting dust off the window. furniture. carpet. curtain. etc.


  • Superior Quality: Why waste money and guess with similar looking pictures on the internet? The exact material makes all the difference, not just the color, and other options are known to be flimsy and ineffective. Years of happy customers have proven that ours works incredibly well, and it lasts for the long haul.
  • Storage Cover: A thick, plastic sheath slides on and off to keep the roller clean and undamaged when not in use. You can guarantee this tool will be ready when you need it.
  • Totally Reusable: Eco-friendly and wallet friendly at the same time. It's silly to waste money on all of those tape refills when you could get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Because you won't throw away the tool, or the spent rolls, you will eliminate unnecessary trash.
  • Long Lasting: The quality material and sturdy handle will allow for tons of use without wearing out, or becoming ineffective.

Material: Plastic + TPR


Package: 1 x Lint roller