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The Hide'n'Seek-A-Tron

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Entertain cats with endless fun and entertainment

This interactive toy will keep them on their toes. The Spinning UFO Interactive Cat Toy literally plays "hide and seek" with your cat.


  • Automatic Pet Playmate - Keep your cat entertained for hours with a hilarious playmate that moves around and automatically changes speeds depending on your cat's energy levels

  • 3 Speed Settings - Whether your cat is on high energy or needs a break from hunting, there's a speed setting just right for them

  • Stimulates Kitty's Hunting Instincts - Engage your cat's hunting instincts in an interactive way that is hilarious for humans

  • Moves around automatically, and has unique AI technology to avoid getting stuck in corners

  • USB rechargeable battery lasts approx 2-3 hours and is fully charged in 1.5 hours.



  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Size: Diameter 15.6x9.2cm / 6.14x3.62in
  • Weight: 489g