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Wood Seasoning Beewax

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Bring dull furniture back to life with Wood Seasoning Beeswax


This wood beeswax polish creates a protective seal to keep out any odor, stain, moisture, and anything else that causes damage to your furniture.

Simply aim, smear and wipe the wood seasoning beeswax to watch years of buildup disappear before your eyes, which will bring furniture back to life.



ECO-FRIENDLY: Our beeswax is extracted from pure natural high-quality raw materials, polishes all wood surfaces to a soft luster with a protective coating of natural Beeswax. There are no paraffin, no toxins, and no mystery ingredients. So it has no side effects, does not affect health, and has no odor.

PRACTICAL:Beeswax is natural and shiny. After coating a layer of beeswax on your old wooden furniture, it will create a protective seal to keep out any odor, stain, moisture and anything else that causes damage so your wood stays healthy for longer. It feels like buying new furniture, giving you a new look.

EASY TO USE:Only with a soft cloth, rub a small amount of wax onto the surface in a circular motion and you will be rewarded with the healthy glow of the wood, shining as if from within.

USAGE SCENARIOS:Beeswax has a wide range of applications, which can be used to renovate old wooden crafts, cracked wooden furniture, moldy wooden doors, wooden cabinets, dry cracked wooden floors, wooden walls, and so on. Works to remove scuff marks, grease, grime, and dirt from painted surfaces.

USING METHODS:After cleaning and drying the furniture, you just spread the beeswax on the furniture where you need to refurbish evenly with a sponge or rag, then dry it for about 30 minutes, wipe it repeatedly with a clean towel. Leave it for at least 16 hours. Please follow these instructions and your furniture will glow with health. It will look nourished and richer and your wood will most definitely feel the love.


Name: Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish

Available: 20g/40g/80g

Shelf life: 3 years

Storage Way: store in a cool place

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